Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Vic Chestnutt-- Brute.

Brute. was a side project band consisting of guitarist Vic Chestnutt and the members of Widespread Panic.  Brute and Chestnutt were both like shooting stars--short lived but incredible if you saw it.

Patterson Hood's song, Come Back Little Star, from his new album, Heat Lightning Rumbles in the Distance, is a beautiful song which was co-written with Katie Hogan as an ode to Chestnutt. 

Vic Chestnutt's work was an idiosyncratic blend of country, art-rock, and folk.  The Georgia native rewrote the rules for songwriting and was never at a loss for inspiration.  Widespread Panic still performs Protein Drink/Sewing Machine from the album, Nine High Pallet. Expiration Day is also still performed by WSP from Brute's album Co-Balt along with many other songs written by Chestnutt. After Chestnutt's death on Christmas Day in 2009, WSP performed on New Years at Atlanta's Phillips Arena.  The group played their hearts out as a tribute to their longtime collaborator and friend.  They opened up the show with Chestnutt's Lets Get Down to Business and closed the show with Protein Drink/Sewing Machine.  Overall, WSP put on an unforgettable performance with emotions running high, creating a very special night for the band and their fans. 

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