Sunday, February 27, 2011


Wild Heart (Stevie Nicks Cover) by Futurebirds

Futurebirds recently released this cover of Stevie Nick's "Wild Heart". It's the first single off of Via Flamina due out April 1st.

Orlando Weekly describes them perfectly:
"Just as big a deal was that this bill also featured Athens' Futurebirds, a band I'm completely infatuated with right now. With a dream-twang so layered and reverb-rich that you could swim in it, they embody the sweet marrow of traditional country music but with a forward-thinking rock attitude - like an old soul in new clothes. Such melodies, such sonics - this band is the complete package. They've really been working this town lately, so reward them with your attention so they keep coming back. Believe me, that's something we want because they're one of the best bands of the New South right now, and they haven't even really popped yet" 
They will be playing tonight at the camel in richmond -- can't wait!

Also check out this video of them playing "Ski Chalet" in the studio:

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