Wednesday, February 9, 2011

so pretty (must own)!!

I am crazy about Free People's new skorts! 
The skorts come in a bunch of different patterns and colors.
The flower prints are my favorite of course :) 
They are so feminine and airy- i love them!


  1. I love that skirt too. I must have it as well. Nice blog ms jenni. I love the name and the font u choose. Good lyric quote under it too really fits the name. stick with your theme of the name and lyric. It's you dint get side tracked. Love it. Hope your fabulous.
    Katy Davis

  2. aah! Thanks so much Katy!! You are so sweet, that means a lot! I hope you are doing well! Carter and I are actually going to see that band, Big Daddy Love, play that we saw together after the wedding in VA beach on the 20th! Can't wait! Wish you were closer so you could come rage with us! haha :) Miss ya!